Sunday, July 24, 2005

CEO for a week

Now that I am one of the two managing partners of User Intelligence and my fellow partner goes on holiday, I am the boss. That will be the case this week, when Tjeerd is away, probably in Copenhagen but, if the weather is bad enough, somewhere in the South of France.

So, this week I am in control. MWHUHAHAHAA!! Well, actually, there's not that much to control. User Intelligence isn't that big, yet. I'll manage our employee Martijn (Dutch only, but the picture shows his determination!) and our freelancers Yvonne, Eelco, and Arjen.
I'll also chase after our prospective clients, visit one of them at the next IA Meetup in Belgium, and work on the expansion of our website.

Oh, and of course, I'll be a t-shaped user experience designer and shoulder IA. Mwuhahahaa!!


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