Wednesday, February 02, 2005

NYC declares war on cyclists

As someone who lives in Amsterdam, a city that couldn't function without bicycles, and who is thinking of moving to New York, the following quotes were pretty scary:
So you guys might be interested to hear that I was arrested Friday night for riding my bicycle here in New York City. Yes, you heard me right; I was arrested for riding my bike, IN A BIKE LANE, in Manhattan on Friday night. I was riding during the monthly Critical Mass bike rally, which the city of New York seems to have deemed a criminal activity.
I made it about 4 blocks before I was swarmed by cops on scooters who grabbed me off my bike and put me in handcuffs. Let me make one point particularly clear: I WAS RIDING IN THE BIKE LANE at the time of my arrest. The mass was small so we it wasn't taking up the whole road and everyone was riding off to the side.
(From NYC bicycle abuse by Cameron Marlow)

Maybe I should reconsider my plans for moving there?


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