Saturday, September 03, 2005

EURO IA Summit program: what and how

As of yesterday, the EURO IA summit program is online!

In reviewing the submissions with the organizing committee, we have had to turn down many interesting presentations, mostly due to the limited number of slots: early on in the planning process we decided to have a two-day, one-track program and reserved space for that. Combined with our ambition to allow as many European countries as possibe on the program, we have had to be very restictive in accepting presentations. But we have asked the authors of some of the remaining high-quality submissions to transform their paper or case study into a poster so the attendees can still learn from their insights and experiences. This has allowed us to double the number of accepted authors.

Still, with 13 case studies and paper presentations from 7 European countries (Great Britain, Danmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Ireland*, and of course our host Belgium) and about the same number of posters from several more (including France and Austria), I think we will succeed in gathering the most active Information Architecture communities of Europe in Brussels. We also trust our Country Ambassadors to promote the conference locally whenever they can.

So, if you are a European IA, or an IA who is interested in our communities, go and register for the conference (note that it is cheaper if you do it on or before September 8)!

*Andrew Dillon, our keynote speaker, may be mentioned as coming from the USA, but he is Irish by birth.


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