Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad spammers; no email

Update (October 23): I'm back! After downloading all 4046 messages to my local machine and sorting through them in Outlook, I have brought the number of messages in my inbox back to a much more manageable 175 (for now). I will start responding to your messages over the following days. Thank you for your patience! Pfffffffff.....

Update (October 22): After a week there has been no change: I cannot access my email at this domein, please continue to use my Gmail address if you want to contact me.

Probably due to spammers, my inbox has overflowed and is temporarily inaccessible.
If you want to send me email, please use my work-address (peterbo at info dot nl) or my Gmail address (peter dot boersma at gmail dot com).



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