Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Less than 2 months until IDEA 2008...

I consider it my duty, as Director of the Information Architecture Institute, to inform you about our upcoming conference: IDEA 2008. It will happen on October 7-8 in Chicago and it will be great.

IDEA stands for "Information: Design, Experience and Access" and, as the vision statement says, "it addresses issues of design for an always-on, always-connected world. Where "cyberspace" is a meaningless term because the online and offline worlds cannot be made distinct. Where physical spaces are so complex that detailed wayfinding is necessary to navigate them. Where work processes have become so involved, and so digitized, that we need new processes to manage those processes."

The current list of speakers is already impressive (including David Armano, Jason Fried, Andrew Hinton, plus people from MAYA and IDEO) and I happen to know that one more speaker will be added to the program that will make it even better...

I encourage you to check the IDEA website right now and check back in the next few days for that extra speaker if you're not entirely convinced.


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