Sunday, September 25, 2005

JJG in Amsterdam

Even though I decided not to move to San Francisco and work for Adaptive Path (see Smart Move for more info), I still like them a lot and they still seem to like me :-)

That's why I recently had a very pleasant dinner with their CEO Janice and Executive Producer Kate discussing everything from projects, ideal company profiles, Ajax/AJAX, etc. to politics, social structure and culture. It's also why I have been working with Adaptive Path's events coordinator Carrie Devine on preparing their next event in Europe. And I hope you like the result as much as I do:

Jesse James Garrett is coming to Amsterdam!

On November 7th, he will present "a full day of practical advice and strategic thinking on the role of user-centered design" and I encourage every local user experience practitioner to register! (*cough* contactmeforaspecialdiscount *cough*)
I am working on organizing another Amsterdam IA Cocktail Hour on the same date to allow the local IAs to mix with the international attendees. Last year Peter Merholz and Jeff Veen mingled with the crowd, and I hope to be able to persuade Jesse to do the same this year...


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