Monday, February 13, 2006

MeasureMap the next Google application? (confirmed)

If the rumour is true, MeasureMap may soon be a Google application. I like my, Adsense (click!), Gmail, Google Talk, and Earth, and I'm a happy user of MeasureMap, so I guess I have no objections... (and of course: congrats to Jeff and his team!)

Oh, one thing: Can we get domains listed? I would like to have a little more detail than "6 visitors from Canada": are they comimg from a research facility, a corporation, a personal site, etc.? The domain name would be useful.

Update: It's no longer a rumour, but announced on the Google blog. MeasureMap is now part of Google! Congrats to Jeff and the rest of the team.
Makes you wonder what the next joint project between Adaptive Path and Google will be :-)


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