Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another conference coming to Europe: Gel

Last year's EURO IA in Brussels (to be followed by this year's EURO IA in Berlin) was an attempt to bring a conference such as the IA Summit to Europe while adding some local flavor.

A conference that is following this path is euroGel, the European edition of the succesful Gel conference series. The event's one-line description reads:
euroGel 2006 will be a Europe-wide conversation about good experience, featuring speakers from across the continent.

What other conference features artist, thinkers, visual designers, jugglers, architects, photographers, writers, pranksters and more? Gel does, and so will euroGel, according to the partial list of presenters on the website.

So, if it doesn't conflict with your plans to attend "my" event in Berlin (after all, I am on the program committee, and hope to present a panel) I encourage you to attend euroGel!


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