Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Next up: EURO IA

It's not even a week after the previous conference or the next one pops up: the deadline for submissions to the EURO IA conference is later this week.

This year's theme is "Building Our Practice", a nice follow-on from last year's "Building Our Community". With this year's international IA Summit in Vancouver being the success it was (almost 600 IAs turned up), and the unexpected high number of attendees of the Italian IA Summit (300 registered Italian IAs), I am sure this pan-European IA conference will attract a large audience too. Of course it helps to have Peter Morville keynote the event. He is one of the authors of the IA Bible, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, as well as Ambient Findability, the latest succesful IA book.

I intend to submit a panel proposal focussing on IA methods and deliverables and their place in development methodologies. I have one fellow Dutch IA in mind as a panellist, plus one or two international ones, but am open to suggestions for other knowledgeable contributors.

Help me create a good proposal, and I'll buy you a Berliner beer! (No, that is not me in the picture and yes, I know that Warsteiner is not a Berliner beer. But you get the picture, right? Now think of a panellist, quick!)


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