Friday, August 31, 2007

Michael Jackson dies, beer wins.

Michael Jackson, a man once known as The Beer Hunter, died yesterday. An obituary can be found at All About Beer. A sad day for beer lovers worldwide...

This is the man that inspired me to maintain Boersma's Beer Page, a collection of links to other beer-related resources on the internet, for almost 9 years. It can now only be found with the help of the Internet Archive.

I feel blessed for having shaken the man's hand, handing him my beer-fraternity's gift for friends (a beer glass with out logo, plus the means to hang it to a wall) and having spoken with him briefly when he visited a beer-related event at my campus.

As Michael writes in his last column, "for the moment, I had cheated Mort Subite." In the end, Mort Subite won.

I hope you'll consider selecting that link and learning a little bit about this beer, or any other beer for that matter, in honour of Michael...


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