Friday, November 28, 2008

Design Documentation presentation at Adobe User Group

Title-slide of Design Documentation presentationLast Wednesday I gave a talk about Design Documentation at Meeting #9 of the Dutch Adobe User Group.

Update (December 8, 2008): The video is available! Here is the link to the video. I had to reload and fast-forward a couple of times, and the organisers say something went wrong with the encoding and a better version will be available soon, but for now it gives a very good impression of my presentation. You can switch between me, the slides and several steps in-between. Please note that the slides are in English, the presentation is in Dutch...

In this presentation I combined material from my IA Summit poster with examples from my 3-day Interaction Design training (Dutch only) and mixed in a good portion of Jesse James Garrett's Elements of User Experience. The mix was tasty, if I may say so myself...

The presentation is available on Slideshare (who selected it as a features presentation for their homepage, thanks Slideshare!) for online viewing, or right here as a PDF (5MB) for off-line viewing, and I believe the video will become available from the Adobe User Group website.

And: thanks to Paul Reinierse from De Monsters for his 115-character review on Twitter!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was great! I would have been there to hear and discuss it with you. very intresting. bye

6:52 PM, November 28, 2008  

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