Thursday, May 21, 2009

"UX Deliverables in Practice" presentation published

Update (June 22, 2009): An audio file is now available for public download on the IA Konferenz website.
(Combining the audio with the slides on Slideshare turns out to be impossible due to a combination of my high tempo and Slideshare's limitations for transitions, sorry)

On May 17 2009, I delivered my invited presentation "UX Deliverables in Practice" at the IA Konferenz 2009 in Hamburg, Germany. A first (slightly modified) version is now available.

Given that my session was scheduled right after the lunch break on the last day, I had told the organizers that I would try to make it a bit of a show. Of course the real content -- a brief overview of theories of UX plus a wider look at some of the deliverables outside of the standard research-design-evaluation triad (which I summarized using a quiz) -- was there too. I think the format worked pretty well: despite my crazy 155-slides-in-45-minutes schedule, I finished ahead of time and had room for a brief Q&A session.

The presentation is structured as follows:
  • intro: Peters in IA
  • intro: UX Theory =/= UX Practice
  • UX Theory: models
  • UX Theory: defintions
  • UX Practice: more than research-design-evaluation
  • UX Practice: Business & Strategy
  • UX Practice: Quiz "What Deliverable Is This?"
  • UX Practice: Business & Manage
  • UX Practice =/= UX Theory
  • closing: I Want You To...
  • closing: More Elements of User Experience

I have made some small modifications (mostly removing animations) to allow for a more static review of the slides. I have also included some notes (I didn't prepare speaker notes in advance, but these reflect what I said or, in hindsight, think I wanted to say). In time, I hope to be able to add audio and synchronize it with the slides.
For now, this version of the presentation is available on Slideshare: UX Deliverables in Practice. I'd love to hear what you think of it and will try answer any questions.

Oh, and yes, I had a lot of fun at the IA Konferenz and encourage you to also have a look at the other presentations, gathered by the organizers.


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