Monday, September 28, 2009

Exploding Websites presentation delivered to Euro IA 2009

Euro IA logoLast weekend, I attended the Euro IA 2009 conference where, together with my colleague Iskander Smit, I delivered our presentation Designing for the Scattered Structures of the Exploding Website. Considering this was the first time I spoke about this subject, it went pretty well.

In the days before the conference, I had been up late to collect and create the materials and to determine the best way to present it. I wanted to find the right words to convey our ideas around designing for Exploding Websites. In the process I got a chance to tweak them and create a thinking framework for them.
During the actual presentation I realized I was still struggling to find the right words and therefore had to skip through some of the material around the 2 cases we wanted to present. It wasn't a perfect delivery.
But still, we got our ideas around Exploding Websites out into the community! The first responses are positive and indicative of a long-lasting influence on the way IAs think about designing structures for future websites.

The slides are available on Slidehare:Overall, the Euro IA conference was a great informal get-together of friendly, fellow professionals. I think Samuel Ericson described it best when he Twittered:
I suggest we call this conference a festival, cause that's what it felt like.
I hope to see even more friendly IAs next year in Paris. Meanwhile I will practice telling this developing story on clients and will hopefully be able to share more insights on designing for Exploding Websites with you all soon.


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