Friday, October 21, 2005

Expect outage

I just got a call from my hosting provider saying that I haven't been paying my bills and I need to buy new hosting.

Apparently they were this close (extends thumb and index finger to about the width of a hair) to pulling the plug: It's a good thing I asked them if they were serious when I accidentally found a message dated January 1, 1970 in the long tail of my mailbox notifying me of this fact.

I have now downloaded all the files from my server, as instructed since they can't access them(!), ordered more hosting (how do you measure that, "I'd like a kilogram of hosting, please"?) and can only hope that the transfer to the new account will be smooth.
If not, and you see a 404 Not Found, call me, alright? There's no use in emailing...

Now excuse me, I need to go and think of other long tails that might be hiding similar nasty surprises...


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