Friday, October 07, 2005

Our website just doubled in size...

When I joined User Intelligence, the company basically doubled in size. Meanwhile we've doubled again and continue to look for more employees, and we thought it was time that our online presence followed this pattern.

So, we have updated our homepage (with 1 page, I couldn't really call it a website without starting to laugh) and created an english version, thereby doubling the size of our website.

Feel free to continue the giggling, but I am proud to present: the new User Intelligence website!

Behind the scenes we are also working on a proper new website, with bits about us, our clients, services, cases, etc., and a lovely new visual design, but that's for later. Now I am going to send this to everyone!

P.S.: we had to get an international version, because we are a sponsor of the EURO IA conference and hope to get one or two new international clients out of that investment.


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