Sunday, July 02, 2006

I am a Technosocial Architect

Thomas Vander Wal just wrote a great article that I want you to go and read, right now.
(forget about this blog for a second. Go read Thomas' article. But do come back, please ;-))

Technosocial Architect
Okay, so what if it's long? If you're not going to read it all, at least read the following quotes:
I am deeply interested in how people interact, how people use technology, and the role of information in this equation. My main interest is information and information use, when do people want it and need it, how people acquire it. I am utterly fascinated by how technology plays in this mix and how important design is.

[Designers] have to think of the information as the focal point. We have to think of people actually connecting with other people (that is individuals not crowds) and start to value that person to person interaction and sharing on a massive scale.

People who understand the social interactions between people and the technologies they use to mediate the interactions, need to understand the focus is on the social interactions between people and the relationship that technology plays. It is in a sense being a technosocial architect.

This goes beyond information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, application development, engineering, etc. It has needs that are more holistic (man I have been trying to avoid that word) and broad as well as deep. It is a need for understanding what is central to human social interactions.
I feel like Thomas looked into my soul. I am a Technosocial Architect!
Amen, brother!


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