Monday, August 07, 2006

EURO IA and Oz-IA programs announced

This week the two Information Architecture events that are scheduled for the last weekend of september have announced their programs.

Here are the highlights, as far as I am concerned:

The EURO IA Summit includes:
  • An opening keynote by a proud European(!) Peter Morville
  • Eric Reiss will predict the future in his Seven Trends speech
  • IA Processes and Deliverables will be discussed in a panel that I am allowed to moderate
  • Luca Rosati's panel will discuss IA Education in Europe
  • Long-time acquaintance Steven Pemberton will close on the second day and I wonder which version of the Web he will discuss (Web4.0? Web5.0?)
The Oz-IA Conference/Retreat features:
  • Thomas Vander Wal discussing (his very own) folksonomies
  • Donna Maurer will deliver a new & improved version of her Lakoff presentation
  • Dan Saffer will sign copies of his book talk about wireframes for AJAX
  • I wish I could attend Eric Scheid's workshop on a common cartography for sitemaps
And wouldn't this be a great bonus: the two events could form the basis for a World Information Architecture Rendezvous, the next step up from Keith Instone's IA around the world idea! (I hope to talk some more about this soon)

Being a member of the organizing committee of the EURO IA, my choice was made for me. I hope you will be able to choose between and attend one of these wonderful events!


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