Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today's best summary of Web2.0

I just read Optimizing Content: Give Users Control on Jonathan Mendez' SEO-oriented blog "Optimize and Prophesize".

In it, Jonathan talks about how publishers seem to begin to grasp what is happening with content on the internet and how they could adapt ("1. think like a search engine").

He ends with a great description of Web2.0, at least in the area of publishers:
To be blunt it’s what you can do for your audience not what your audience can do for you. If you don’t keep your audience engaged and interested they will go elsewhere. There are simply too many other choices and zero switching cost. Worry about revenue models later or die today. The choice is yours.
Will publishers catch on?

(In the past, I have worked with Elsevier Science's UCD team (44KB PDF) and I know they have had great successes in applying user-centered design methods to the design of Elsevier's products. And there are good signs that they are staying up to date: the Reed Elsevier corporation has recently hired a Web2.0/Folksonomy specialist. I wonder if the UCD team knows...)


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