Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RISEN: New book on Libraries and the Web

Sometimes I claim to be an Information Architect and since information architecture is supposed to have its roots in library science, a book that aims "[to] promote the library as the epicenter and sole institution qualified to provide and safeguard our knowledge" deserves my attention.

Two employees (the CEO and Marketing & Communication Manager) of Medialab Solutions, best known for their online search tool AquaBrowser, have written a book about how Web technologies allow libraries to keep their place in society. The book is called "RISEN, why libraries are here to stay".

Of course the idea that Web technologies help librarians do their job better isn't new. And stating that "the web identity and accessibility are the key elements of success for libraries with a public function" isn't particularly innovative thinking either. And I bet that one of the goals of the book will be to get librarians interested in Web technology, in particular the solutions that Medialab offers.

But I am curious what exactly they have to say and how timely it is. Will the book mention Web2.0 aspects like user-generated content, perpetual beta, and mashups? How do they treat Wikipedia? Do they encourage user-centered design approaches for web technology solutions for libraries? Does the index feature the term user experience?

The book will be launched at a librarians event, in this case the ALA Mid-Winter Conference in Seattle where 1000(!) free copies will be handed out. I won't be there but I will see if I get get my hands on a copy at the next Amsterdam IA Cocktail Hour, where members of the Aquabrowser crew have shown their faces before.


Blogger kaeru said...

Hmmm, when you do, I'd love to get a peek inside the book too. Sounds good. Of course, Medialab has a lot libraries as customers so it makes sense for them to 'please them' with a book like this, so to say.

9:11 AM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger Anthony at Medialab said...

Peter, as you stated we're at the conference next week and can't make it to the next IA gathering. I will make sure I get a copy into your hands. Thanks for the reference. Enjoy RISEN!

10:20 AM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger beep said...

@Anthony: Ah, I hadn't noticed that the ALA event occurs at the same time as the Cocktail Hour. Thanks for the offer!

@Kars: It looks like you might be able to get a peek inside soon!

10:36 AM, January 11, 2007  

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