Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Interviewed by Jan Jursa (The Hot Strudel)

Hot (from The Hot Strudel logo)Jan Jursa, who blogs at The Hot Strudel, is a fellow Big Information Architect (in size; we're both 6 foot and 5 inches, or around 195cm) from Germany. He interviewed me via email and asked me 5 questions:
  1. When you look back, what were the most valuable lessons you have learned practicing UXD and IA?
  2. How would you describe the relation between UX and IA?
  3. Could you explain a little bit what [your T-model] is all about and what is the status quo right now?
  4. In your experience, what are the most approved IA deliverables and methods? Could you please scetch a typical basic IA workflow? (hey, that's 2 questions!)
  5. Do you find it hard to sell IA services to clients that are more focused on their business objectives than on end user needs? What is a good argument for integrating Information Architecture in the overall website-building process? (again! So there's 2 bonus-questions thrown in for free!)
Read my answers in English or German.

This was the second time I was interview by a German IA: Wolf Nöding interviewed me during the 2006 IA Summit as part of his IA Voice initiative.


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