Saturday, October 13, 2007

StUX still useful

Snippet of StUX diagramBack in June, Tom Dell'Aringa posted a diagram of how he envisioned UX activities in a software development process. When he asked for feedback I pointed him to my IA Summit 2005 presentation Stux - integrating IA deliverables in a software development methodology. It seems that Tom was inspired.

Tom's revised diagram looks a lot like the poster we developed for StUX and follows the same basic structure but with changes where necessary (as I suggested in the lessons learned slide). Tom had to work with the Microsoft Solutions Framework and he included activities that his UX team shares with other teams (Business, Content, Marketing and Development) something I wish I could have done in the original diagram.

In the discussion of his diagram on the IxDA mailinglist, Tom defends his choices with verve, exactly what I wanted to accomplish with my presentation. I am glad the presentation is still useful after two and a half years (and counting).

I rediscovered this discussion from June when I checked the statistics for this blog.


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