Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Processes + Patterns (EuroIA 2007 presentation)

Despite having been sick for 20 days, and despite my coughing fits, I managed to deliver a pretty well-received presentation at Euro IA, last week in Barcelona.

Here's the Slideshare-version:

After explaining the concepts of patterns and collections, I spoke about how I thought process patterns and design patterns could be combined and about what the benefits would be to designers and team managers (and of course users and clients) once they were combined.

I ended with a challenge to IAs (and user experience professionals in general) to find new ways to combine process patterns with design patterns. I was lucky to have heard of one such initiative just before the presentation, so I could call them on stage during the Q&A. I hope it inspired the attendees and indeed a couple of people approached me afterwards with suggestions and ideas.

More suggestions, examples, comments, ideas are welcome!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

IA Institute Board elections: Your votes please!

update (25 september, 2007): I have been selected as a member of the Board! Thank you for your votes. Let me know what you'd like the IAI do for you or other IAs.

I am a candidate for the Board of Directors of the Information Architecture Institute. If I get elected I hope to help Information Architects become better educated, better connected, and better valued.

If you are a member of the IA Institute, you will have received an email saying you have the opportunity to vote. I encourage you to have a look a the candidates' profiles and cast your vote using the link in the email message.

And if you decide to not vote for me (I know I won't, just to keep it fair), I'd like to know why: I may be misguided in my view of what the Institute and its members need...