Monday, September 01, 2008

September 26-27: EuroIA in Amsterdam

I spent last weekend in Copenhagen, attending a workshop on a prospective European IA network. The results will be presented at Euro IA 2008, and that is just one reason to register for and attend that conference.

Euro IA 2008 will be held in my hometown Amsterdam, a great honor for the Dutch IA community. The location is great: the old Jugendstil and Art Deco Tuschinski movie theatre, previsouly the location of The Web And Beyond 2006.

I encourage all Dutch UX practitioners to have a look at the program; it is (and always has been) interesting even if Information Architecture is not your main practice.
Take a look at some of the session titles: they spark your interest, don't they? (a full list can be found on the program page of the conference website):
  • Building Social Web Experience
  • Concept Design Tools for Information Architecture
  • E-service – what we can learn from the customer-service gurus
  • Extending the gaming experience to conventional UIs
  • How do you re-design a business critical web application with billions of unique products?
  • Integrating web analysis in the user experience design process
  • Taking social networks global: design patterns & tips
  • "Why information architects are needed in the kitchen" – Better content management through information architecture
and, finally, the panel with the results of my weekend in Copenhagen:
  • Roadmap for a Stronger IA/UX Network in Europe
And if that doesn't do the trick, remember that the aim of the organizing committee is to make it a social event as much as a learning event: there will be plenty of time to network, socialize and gossip. I hope to see you there!